Top Five Tips to Become a Successful Driver

For most of the car enthusiasts out there, driving is not merely a right but privilege. Their vehicles are the job they earn from, an effective weapon against odd weather conditions, and a dear friend to spend idle time with; in short as precious as their lives!

Cars and bikes are more than just transportation. They have become a means to freedom and travel anytime, anywhere you want to. However, with that, comes a lot of responsibility – of people sitting beside you and other ones driving on the road.

When behind the wheel, everyone considers themselves to be a great driver. However, playing the clutch from the brake pedal and accelerator doesn’t make one a safe and successful driver. Driving is a skill that demands constant honing and polishing. So, no matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement.

Here are a few tips to help you become a better driver –

  1. Overcome the Distractions

There are countless numbers of accidents reported globally every year. And the biggest reason – well, distraction! When driving, there are possibilities to get indulged in the conversations with your passenger or lost in your favorite music. Even your own personal or professional thoughts can take over your mind, making you lose your attention on the road. So, ensure that you don’t get swayed away by your emotions or mobile calls; be alert.

  • Keep the Focus Ahead

When following the cars in front of you, it is almost impossible to evaluate what may be happening further up the road. That is why driving school teachers advise keeping a sufficient distance from other vehicles and scanning the road up to twelve seconds ahead. Doing this every time on the road helps you to generate a perfect sense of anticipation and prevent nose-to-tail collisions with other cars. It also saves you fuel and reduces extreme wear and tear on your brakes.

  • Avoid Over-Speeding

In the fast, modern world like today, everybody wishes to get to their destinations sooner. But, do you think that speeding is a sensible way out for that? Of course, no! Speeding, in fact, increases your risk of getting into an accident and injuring yourself and others in the process. So, if you want to enjoy your adrenaline highs, you better hit the racecourse and not the ordinary roads. For driving safely on streets and expressways, you need to adhere to the recommended speeds.

  • Use Headlights

Now, that may sound very obvious to you, but several drivers are found using their day time running lights even when it gets dark. That can be very risky during heavy rains or on foggy roads. Therefore, make sure that you use headlights as soon as the visibility starts to reduce. Resort to rear fog lights (or front fog lights, if fitted) for better illumination on the road. And, switch them off as soon as the conditions improve.

  • Merge with Traffic

Most of the severe collisions happen at lane merging points. Some drivers are aggressive lane cutters and become a huge nuisance for others that are already smooth and consistent on their pace. Hence, if you aim to be an efficient driver, learn to stay calm. Keep complete control over the speed of your vehicle and merge with traffic like a zip.

Finally, drive as much as you can. Have the points mentioned above in your consideration and take professional driving tuition, if possible. Driving is a skill that needs practice. So, treat it with respect it deserves.

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