Common Driving Mistakes to Avoid

In this modern era, where everyone wants to be independent, it is mandatory to learn how to drive a vehicle. Knowing driving you will not have to depend on others for dropping you from one location to another. But, where you must learn car driving, you should comprehend what driving mistakes can put you in trouble. Whether you are a pro or new driver, you might have committed a few of the driving mistakes which you should have not. Minor mistakes and ignorance can lead to huge accidents, and it is the reason for which one should be aware of the blunders not to commit while driving the car.

So, let us learn what common mistakes must be avoided while driving a car.

Not adjusting and checking mirrors – Rear and side view mirrors are not there to enhance the beauty of your car. They are there for some purpose. They help you to see what is behind you and on either side of the vehicle. Sadly, there are many drivers who don’t use mirrors while driving and then have to face serious accidents. To avoid any casualty, it is mandatory to adjust the mirrors in the right position and to use them while driving. Moreover, side mirrors are helpful in changing lanes. Positioning mirrors properly before driving is the best practice that drivers should include in their driving habits.

Driving without proper pressure in tires – This is the biggest mistake that many drivers commit. They ignore tires of their car and its condition, but it should not be done at any cost. Flat tired can blow out, and you may lose your control while driving. You are well aware of what can happen on losing control over the vehicle on the road. If you don’t want to put your life at risk, then keep a check on the condition of the tires, especially after a weather change.

Driving when in anger – You might have heard that anger can destroy everything, and this can come true if you drive in anger. If you are annoyed or frustrated because of some reason, stay away from your car. Speeding or applying brakes suddenly in anger can put your life at risk.

Not using your turn signal – Many drivers forget using turn signals while changing lanes or turning. For this reason other drivers on the road don’t get time to react and can bang into your car if they are driving at high speed. In order to stay away from accidents it is highly recommended to make a habit of using turn signals whenever changing lanes or taking a turn.

Getting distracted easily – Using the phone or talking to co-passengers while driving is a common habit of most of the drivers. But, do you know that such distractions can turn out to be disastrous? Just a blink of an eye can put you in an unfortunate situation. So, never use phone or chit chat while driving. If you cannot stay away from your phone, then prefer switching it off or put it on silent mode when driving.

Bad seating position – You may think that position of the driving seat does not play a vital role, but, actually, it matters a lot. Many drivers sit far back from the steering wheel because of which they couldn’t control their car in a difficult situation. Sitting back will make it difficult to apply brakes in a critical situation. To keep troubles at bay, adjust the seat in the right way so that you don’t have to extend your arms and legs to control the car.

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