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Why should you take driving lessons from a professional school?

According to a study, around 81.4% of the country’s population are licensed drivers. It is essential to take a driving test and get yourself a license from the government before holding the steering wheel of any vehicle. For that, one must learn advanced driving efficiently. Learning how to drive without any issue is one of the complex skills that everyone above 18 should know. It requires proper training and acquiring all the traffic and safety rules. If you want to undergo a car lesson class, it is better to enrol at a professional driving school and improve your skills. Most people prefer to learn drive from their family members or a friend. We do not doubt their skills but learning from some professionals serves many benefits that you should know. Please read till the end.

You learn every aspect of driving: Professional driving schools are designed in a way to teach every detail of driving from the start till the end. If you learn driving from any of your family members, it can be a case where they forget to teach you something, or perhaps there might be something even they do not know themselves. You can get acquainted with all the basics to the additional level of learning about driving an automobile.

You learn better: Driving schools treat their students very efficiently by emphasizing practical knowledge. They pay attention to each of their students and be responsible for their course satisfaction. 

You become a safe and responsible driver: Passing the driving test is not only sufficient, but you also have to follow all the guidelines and traffic rules. Professional schools teach you all the rules and how to obey them. It seems challenging to learn several norms and also obey them, but it will be manageable under guidance from an expert. They train you as a mentor.

If you have any, you cut down all bad driving habits: Some of you might have driven a car and got yourself in trouble, or you failed the driving test earlier and want to perform better this time. In both cases, you can improve yourself by taking the help of an expert tutor who can guide and give you all the training from the start. Your whole driving pattern can change through this, which will make you learn quickly and pass the test easily.

You will get a certificate: Even though your driving license matters the most, a driving certificate on course completion is also necessary. It works in your favour as when you take the test; you will get some recognition. So make sure to enroll under a professional driving expert who holds value. 

You will learn additional skills: Professional driving schools prepare you to how to drive and provide additional knowledge on other related topics. It trains you for the emergency cases like changing a tire, using Stepney, fixing the engine. These are the road challenges anyone can face and learn what they need to do if such a situation occurs. In fact, these schools tell you what to do in different on-road situations and practically show you with real-life examples. 

Your safety is their responsibility: Misfortunes are part of life, even if you try to avoid them. When you are learning to drive it, there is a possibility of danger and getting into an accident. It is most likely to happen when you do not take proper safety measures. With these professional driving schools, your safety can be assured as they are very particular about safety and protection. These unique cars are designed in a way that the tutor will always have control of the brakes throughout the journey so he can control the situation in emergency cases. 


Top Defensive Driving Benefits You Probably Did Not Know About

Top Defensive Driving Benefits You Probably Did Not Know About 

Defensive driving is a collection of road abilities, tactics, and strategies that help you defend yourself against potential crashes. It might be challenging to share the road with other drivers. In addition to typical road users, you must be aware of and prepared to deal with dangerous drivers, drunk drivers, and terrible weather conditions.

Defensive driving in Malden is essential if you want to get the most out of your vehicle. It all comes down to developing safe driving habits. When you drive defensively, you are prepared for any circumstance and know what to do next. Defensive driving is a life skill. If you find yourself in a road rage situation, defensive driving might come to your rescue. Let us look at the advantages of defensive driving:

1. Lowers The Dangers Of Driving 

Defensive driving allows you to readily foresee harmful situations and avoid potential hazards. You can make rapid judgments, averting major mishaps. A defensive driving school will teach you strategies to help you become a better driver on the road.

2. Enhances Your Driving Abilities

Most significantly, as you faithfully obey traffic laws and regulations, your driving skills will develop. You will have a better awareness of the regulations of the road and will know how to drive safely.

3. Accident-free methods

You may prevent harmful circumstances, including death, by employing safe and accident-free strategies learned through a defensive driving school. You will travel safely and without incident, whether on the highway or at night. The key to a solid defensive driving strategy is understanding how to avoid unprepared collisions and identify possible hazards before it is too late.

4. Maximum security

You can avoid harm and death by obeying traffic laws and regulations. This is one of the most important reasons to learn defensive driving. One advantage of defensive driving is that you will have better safety results. Defensive driving in Malden provides optimum safety since you understand how to deal with road rage and speeding.

5. There will be no violations.

There will be no violations, and no fines will be imposed.

6. Requires less upkeep

There will be fewer auto repairs if you know defensive driving. In terms of automobile upkeep, defensive driving is preferable. When you have solid driving habits and have not been in many accidents, you will have fewer costly repairs. In the long term, you will save money. Defensive driving increases your chances of saving money by avoiding costly accidents.

7. Lower insurance costs

If you have too many accidents and infractions, this might be an issue since you may lose your insurance. However, defensive driving might help you save money on your insurance. The insurance cost for a reckless motorist rises.

So, practice defensive driving to avoid accidents rather than becoming the cause of them. By driving safely, you will develop into a responsible and conscientious driver.

Prepare to examine your driving behaviors now for a better future and increased road comfort!

Driving is More Than Just Transportation

Steering a car is seen as a convenient way to let yourself reach your destination. However, is it all about transportation? Do people find it a tedious task or an amusing one? Do people get distracted easily while trying to keep their heads straight on the road? Stick around to know what this article is ‘driving’ at.

Why Do Some People Find it as a Hobby?

Some people find traveling on wheels more pleasant than resting at home, even when their day is off. Likewise, some enjoy going on long rides, well everybody does. However, it is more than just that to a few.

Here are the reasons why generally people get the ball rolling as an amusement.

The Quick Sights

Sometimes, people set their hearts on lovely scenery. These quick sites might be a way to energize themselves and start the day. They find glancing at city lights, random buildings, and other regular places amusing.

Discover New Places

Several people perceive discovering new locations as an intriguing thing to do. Their mind presents such situations as wonderful and amusing. Hence, the habit of driving to find new places is observed.

Relief from Stress

Yoga and meditation are not the only ways to appease stress. It relies on the perception of an individual. Many people encounter traveling as a way to relieve themselves from their pangs of tension and anxiety.

So if you discover yourself appreciating the company of your car, it’s a clear indication that driving is your new hobby.

Although it can be a pastime to some, it comes with its own share of danger. Distractions are the biggest one of them.

What’s Distracting You?

Distractions are everywhere. Little did we know that distractions can be lethal at greater levels. It can render a driver crazy. Look out for these distractions and avoid any predicaments coming your way.

  • Cognitive distractions-

People are lost in their thoughts because of the tension and issues they face every day. A preoccupied mind would drift away from reality and can cause accidents. To avert this, drivers should have their minds set on the road and nowhere else.

  • Use of phones-

Sometimes, when fellow drivers gain some confidence in their niche, they believe themselves to be capable enough to attend calls or text someone while driving. Needless to say, it is not the case in reality. This reason fuels accidents more or less.

  • Conversations-

While a few light-hearted conversations could be let slip, holding arguments while having your hands around the steering wheel is not the best idea. It angers the driver, losing the ability to think rationally and this adds up to incidents.

  • Reaching for accessories or devices-

Sometimes, we go around with a carefree mindset. Rummaging through your bags to find your accessories or your phone which starts ringing, is something you should avoid. Humans can’t concentrate on two things at the same time. When it gets to driving, multitasking isn’t something you should go for.

Tips To Driving

Qualified drivers have their way with their automobiles. Regardless, the same can’t be said about novices. These pointers are here to save the day.

  • Don’t disregard the traffic rules
  • Fasten your seatbelts
  • Keep your speed slow
  • Don’t tailgate
  • Don’t drive under the influence
  • Adjust your accessories – your seats, rearview mirrors, and so on.

The most reasonable thing to do is to learn to steer your way by enrolling in a driving school and getting formal lessons from your mentor

Make Your Car Driving Dream A Reality

Learning to drive a car makes life much more worthwhile and unrestricted. It’s a highly sought-after skill, hence the demand keeps rising every day. We compose our experience around it and have a profound impact on it in our lives. Anyhow, this collection shows up with its accountability, along with its benefits. This mastery is often taken for granted.

An Important Responsibility

When steering a car you need to learn about its hardcore responsibility. You have your hands around something that can potentially injure not only you but your passengers as well as the pedestrians and other drivers around. One oversight can end up harming or worse, taking up others’ lives. So how do we avert such occurrences and drive with composure?

These safety tips are crucial to put into the habit and act more responsibly:

  • Curtail your distractions to retain your mind on the road and nothing else
  • Don’t resort to using  phones while driving after gaining some confidence in this skill
  • Follow the rules of the road
  • Keep your speed under check
  • Maintain your car every once to resist issues with it while driving
  • Put in a habit of checking your blind spots and mirrors frequently.

A LIfetime Skill

Driving skills can come in handy whenever in need. This is a lifetime skill. However, you can hone it to further enhance your driving experience. You can boost your confidence with this skill and progress your personal development. This element can be applied to different aspects of your life.

You can give a new essence to journeying and embarking on several trips. If you wish to explore new places or simply desire a trip with your pals without having to be concerned about traveling and additional costs, driving your car is the best key to this. Newfound freedom can be exercised with nothing to hold you back from enjoying the wonders of traveling.

Reasons to Go For This Skill

Apart from having a lifetime skill, there are many more reasons why driving can be seen as an asset. Some people take a lot of pleasure in driving. It isn’t the same case with everyone. The reasons why driving can be thought of as a fun thing to do are:

Psychological Impact

Most people see this only as a means to get from one point to another. However, this shows an optimistic impact on our mental health. Studies have found that driving cars release higher percentages of hormones that counters stress and anxiety. It can boost cognitive function along with delaying the aging process. This further enhances your mental health if you stop perceiving it as a burden as this is in no manner a tedious toil. You can make time for yourself to relieve yourself from the usual chores and see this as an opportunity to relax while reaching your destination.


When reaching your destination is one twist of a key away, your life becomes all the more intriguing and delightful. This is yet another reason why driving can be seen as an essential aptitude to exercise.

Make your memories

You can make the most of this chance to formulate ways and weave new memories into your life. An expedition with your loved ones is all about having a good time and getting a kick out of your time.

Enroll yourself in a driving school to reap these perks and drive those new turns of events into your life.

What to expect from your first driving lesson

Knowing what to expect in your first driving lesson is the simplest approach to ease your anxieties and ensure a successful first time behind the wheel.

Your initial driving lesson. Your first driving lesson is normally scheduled after you have purchased a driving lesson package. It is your first time meeting your driving teacher, as well as your first time behind the wheel, so it is reasonable to be nervous.

What takes place during your first driving lesson?

Do not expect to get behind the wheel right away on your first driving lesson, especially if you are picked up somewhere busy. Your driving instructor will most likely take you to a more acceptable spot before switching seats and teaching you the fundamentals.

1. Your instructor will verify your provisional driver’s license.

To ensure that you are legally permitted to drive, your driving instructor will request to see your provisional driving license. This only pertains to your first driving lesson, however, keep in mind that you will not be permitted to drive without first presenting your instructor with your provisional license.

2. You will find a peaceful location to study.

You might not be able to start your first driving lesson by getting in the driver’s seat right away, depending on where your instructor picks you up from. Your teacher will likely ask you to sit in the passenger seat and will then take you to a more acceptable spot, such as a quiet residential street or possibly an industrial estate if you live near a big road or in a busy area.

3. You will be taught the cockpit drill.

In essence, the cockpit exercise consists of correctly adjusting the car’s seat and mirrors. It may seem straightforward, but it is quite crucial. Your first class will generally include a significant portion of instruction from your instructor on how to configure the car. It is hardly the most exciting lesson you will ever encounter, but it is an important one. By practicing setting up the mirrors in your own/your parents’ car or reading our guide to the cockpit exercise, you can save yourself some time.

4. You will begin with the fundamentals.

Do not anticipate starting learning reverse around a corner on your first driving session; instead, focus on the fundamentals of learning to drive. You will be shown how to use all of the car’s controls, from the windshield wipers to the heater settings, and you might even learn how to start and stop properly. You will undoubtedly learn about clutch control and when and how to check your blind areas.

5. You will be able to drive.

You should be able to drive before the lesson ends. You will not be able to reach 50mph on a dual highway, but you should be able to complete a few circuits around a housing or industrial area at a reasonable speed. On your first driving lesson, even 30mph will feel like you are flying.

Going for your driving test soon? Here’s what you should do

It isn’t easy to pass your driving test with flying colors if you haven’t prepared for it. You may lose the attempt and would have to sit in the test again to be a legal driver. That’s why you should prepare and practice right from the start to pass the test on the first try. It would be further better if you get an expert’s help and enroll in a reputed driving school. The professionals could help you understand everything from the basics and help you become an expert driver. You should start the learning and check out schools near you.

Once you’ve prepared for the test, it would be better to go through everything before the big day. You could also leave it all at the hands of your instructor if you’ve joined a driving school. They could create an easy schedule for you to give your best in the test and pass it in one go. Furthermore, finding a reputed school with good reviews and packages would be much better. You could choose the best package and learn every skill to make you the best in driving. Let’s look at what you should do if your driving test is coming soon:

Brush up on the rules and theory

You should also know more about the test rules and theoretical portion. It’d be better to memorize everything before your test to avoid any problems. Also, it would help you easily pass the theory test and remember all the road rules while driving. So, don’t ignore the theory and take some time to focus on it. You could enroll in a driving school or use the Internet to find more resources for the theory portion.

Work on your weak areas

When there are only some days left for the test, you should try focusing on your weak areas. It would help ensure that you don’t face any issues and can perform every task during the test. For example, work on that for the last few days if you have trouble parking or taking turns. Also, get your instructor’s help to identify your other weak points before you go. They could help prepare better and tell you more about the different components of the driving test to prepare better.

Go for a drive

The last thing you should do is simply go for a drive and relax. Your instructor could schedule this drive, and you can get an overview of your skills and gain confidence. Stressing out about the test would only increase your chances of committing any mistake. Also, you would enjoy driving and perform better if you’re not stressing out about the situation. So, relax and go over the basics before your driving test rather than doubting your preparation. Ensure that you work with a professional instructor who can help you along the process and identify the areas where you need help. It would be much better to check reviews from their past students and read more about their experience working with the school before enrolling in a course.

Looking For A Driving School in Malden? Emile Driving School Can Be The Answer

Learning to drive is never an easy job, especially without the help of a properly trained and experienced professional guiding you along the way till you can take over the wheels by yourself. You can ask a favor out of a friend or a family member who you have always seen driving around in their car, but being taught that will be knowing a little more than enough. There are many aspects of driving, and the practical applicability is only a part of it- albeit a huge one. 

If you are in Malden or its surrounding areas, you can reach out to us at Emile Driving School, LLC. We have experienced driving professionals who are well-versed in both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of driving, so if you are apprehensive about learning a brand new skill, they can help you maneuver through your fear without a hitch.

What Do We Offer?

As one of the leading driving schools in and around Malden, we have consistently been offering auto services to both locals and otherwise. We are built on the absolute trust of our driving students who can now feel confident with one more new skill in their arsenal. We aim to establish our legitimacy with our legacy of creating strong student-guide relationships. A gradually growing business, Emile Driving School, LLC has taken in students with varied levels of driving experiences, so if you are a newbie, we know exactly how to make you a pro.

Joseph Emile Marsan is the founder/owner of Emile Driving School, LLC and he has been in the business for more than 30 years. He has garnered respectable traction due to his outstanding show of expertise in the automotive industry. He envisioned a driving school where students can be taught the meaning of driving responsibly by experienced professionals who are confident in their skills. Emile Driving School follows his vision of leading students from introduction to driving till straight up to the road test.

We value patience and our instructors adhere to that. We understand the subjectivity of learning to drive, and we respect that. 

A Few Things To Know

You must be at least 15 (+10 months) old to enroll for our driving classes, and at least 16 if you want to opt for a learner’s permit. We offer a 3-week intensive driving program where students will be taught everything in the Massachusetts Driver Manual through videos and similar forms of exposure inside the classroom, and then led outside to take over the wheels.

We insist on a pre-driving check for students to get a hold of the car, both inside and out. We encourage familiarity with the functions of the interior, be it gears, hand brakes, mirrors, wheels, brake pedals, accelerators, light signals, or otherwise. Hand signals are essential to driving and we convey the same to our students. You will be taught the ABCs of starting and stopping a car, followed by concepts of backing up about 50-100 feet, parallel parking, left-right turns, three-point turns, and ways to start/stop/turn.

The last thing on the agenda will be letting you take charge of the wheels, under the guidance of your instructor. In no time, you will find yourself recognizing and adhering to traffic signals, and entering and leaving intersections confidently. It’s all up to practice and good guidance, both of which Emile Driving School, LLC offers!

Going For a Driving Test? Know Everything You Must!

Are you learning to drive for the first time, with your drivers’ test fast approaching? The time is ripe to revise through some do’s and don’ts of driving that can go a long way in guiding you till the end of the test. Before we get to the details of what you must know, it is essential that you enroll at the best in class driving school near your location. They have professional trainers whose job is to explain the ABCs of driving till the day you are confident about your abilities. 

Once you are enrolled with a driving school and your lessons are already underway, it is time to gear up for the driving license test. Here’s all you need to know.

Know the Basics

There are a few ABCs of driving that everyone willing to pass the test ought to know. Make sure to focus on the basics before the test. The smallest things, be it greeting the instructor, cross-checking all the mirrors and handbrake, or looking around prior to getting out of the car can go a long way.

Practice Is The Best Way

As they say, practice makes you perfect, and rightfully so. This holds true for driver’s license tests as well. You need all the necessary hands-on experience you can get. Patterns such as the 8-shaped driving test, navigating on a slope, along with some other permutation and combinations can transform your driving test. Always keep your hands cleared on these moves before entering the venue. 

Buckle Up

Well, this is quite obvious, isn’t it? Yet, most prospective drivers make this rookie mistake and take away a few points from their driving score right there. Wearing the seat belt prior to putting the car in the ignition is essential, and non-negotiable. You might think it goes unnoticed, but that is rarely true. Consider it a rule of thumb… seat belt before anything.

Know Your Indicators

Indicators are a tacit rule in a driving license test. Here’s what you should do- always use indicators as and when necessary. If you are asked to take a u-turn, perform the necessary hand gestures to imply the same. Safety always comes first, and indicators are a sure shot way of ensuring safety.

Focus More on Reverse Gear

It might sound like a basic thing, one of the most essential tests of driving before being granted a license is your reversing abilities. If you fail to reverse park or simply reverser your vehicle, there goes your driving license. Practice reversing perfectly, with no hindrance, especially in tight spaces such as parking spots. 

Be Generous With The Accelerator

This is crucial in ensuring you qualify the driving license test. You do not want to be overspeeding when you are trying to prove that you are eligible to drive without supervision. There is no need to seem like an expert sports car driver with your instructor by your side. Go easy on the accelerator, and make the test easier for yourself. That’s all about the basics of driving that you must be aware of before you test. It is best to consult with your driving school instructor before you go for your license test.

Emile Driving School’s Road Test Preparation: All You Need to Know 

Whether you just bought yourself a car or are about to buy one very soon, learning how to drive can be a great help during both emergencies and casual outings alike. Not all of us can afford chauffeurs, and requesting a friend to drive you around is rarely an option. Here’s the good news: learning to drive can be simpler than you presume, and if you are at the hands of an experienced batch of drivers managed by a responsible and licensed driving school, you are all set! Give it a few months and bam- you will be cruising the roads of Malden with your windows down and music up. 

Safety is of utmost importance, when it comes to driving. We all know the ABC-s of learning to drive- concentration, sobriety, and street smartness. These are core values that will stay with you from your learning period till the day you continue driving, even after you receive your official driver’s license. Needless to say, once you go through the learning period under the guidance of your learning school, you will have to appear for a driving test. We have seen its portrayal in movies and TV shows, and you will have to sit through- well, drive through- one by yourself now! At Emile’s Driving School, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the best in class driving lessons under experienced professionals who have been meticulously trained over the years. 

Emile Driving School’s Road Test

Before we take you through the road test, you will first be taught al[l the nitty-gritties of driving- be it theoretical or application-centric. You’ll be surprised to know how important theoretical knowledge can be, when it comes to driving a four-wheeler. Knowing a little about what you need for the road test can help in your preparation journey. Moreover, a little heads up never hurt anyone, and will go a long way in soothing your nerves. 

Here are the requisites of our road test preparation:

  • Pre-driving checks
  • Start engine
  • Hand signal
  • Start/stop vehicle
  • Backing approximately up to 50-100 feet
  • Parallel parking
  • Turn around the curb
  • Left/right turn
  • Start/stop/ turn vehicle up and down hill 
  • Enter and leave intersections
  • Three point turn
  • Adhering to driving rules
  • Recognizing and obeying traffic signs, lights, and signal
  • Driving on highways

While this might seem like a rather long list, it is hardly the truth. Once you go through the preliminary training sessions under the watchful eye of our professional trainers, the aforementioned pointers will start coming naturally to you. Driving, when learnt well, can become second nature. The most important thing to remember is that this is not an exhaustive list, for driving is made of numerous small and big requisites. It’s best to get in touch with your driving trainer to get a thorough understanding of what might be expected of you.

Get in touch with Emile Driving School now, and enroll yourself as a learner! 

Emile Driving School: Driving Made Fun and Affordable

When we buy a car- or plan to buy one- there are usually a few qualms in our mind that might hamper the enthusiasm that accompanies buying a car. Where will you park your car, how will you pay for driving lessons, how long it will take to learn, and how hard will it be are usually some of them. Fortunately, our team of experienced professional drivers at Emile Driving School might just be able to help you out with a few of those obstacles. Covering Malden and its surrounding areas, Emile Driving School has been offering inexpensive driving lessons for driving enthusiasts of the eligible age. We take all the necessary precautions and our timings are flexible, so you come to us when you can make time! If that’s not enough, rest assured there’s more. We are barely getting started-

A Little About Emile Driving School

Emile Driving School, LLC has been awarded the much-awaited certification by the registry of motor vehicles for offering exceptional driving instructions and appropriate safety training to individuals of 16 and above. At Emile Driving School, our team sets up classrooms that let students get the personal attention and focus they require from their instructors, as first-time learners.

Our driving instructor, Joseph Emile Marsan has more than 30 years of robust experience working alongside both teens and adults alike. So, regardless of your age, he will soften up to you more as a friend than a teacher. Our driving instructors speak English, French, and Kreyol. Our classes focus primarily on safety and defensive driving. 

Emile Driving School Packages

We offer 3 diverse packages, based on your priorities, needs, and flexibility. Take a look:

  • Package 1: 6 hours of driving for $295
  • Package 2: 10 hours of driving for $485
  • Package 3: Ultimate Package for Teens (16 to 18) for only $849 including 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of observation, and 12 hours of driving

You must be 15 (+10 months) at least to enroll at our driving school and attend classes, but 16 is the age of learning to drive and acquiring your learner’s permit. We offer a 3-week intensive driving school course program where you will be taught everything about the Massachusetts Driver’s Manual and more through videos and other miscellaneous forms of exposure.

You will be required to go through a pre-driving check where you will be taught each aspect of the car, both inside and out, all functionalities such as hand brakes, gears, mirrors, accelerators, wheels, brake pedals, lights, and signals. Hand signals are integral to driving, and you will be taught all of it. Moreover, how to start and stop your car is yet another learning process that will be on the agenda, apart from how to back up 50 to 100 feet, navigate turns and everything in between.

Give Emile Driving School a call today and enroll yourself to get your driver’s license soon!