How To Avoid Distracted Driving As An Amateur Driver

How many times have you passed a car and looked over to see the driver looking down into their lap? It is, unfortunately, very prevalent and extremely hazardous. When texting while driving, one’s chances of getting involved in a car accident are doubled. While this figure is alarming, it is not the only way a driver might be distracted. Driving puts not only your safety at risk but also the safety of any friends or family members who may be present, which is why you should only take lessons from the best. Head over to Emile Driving School for their best driving lessons.

Here are four indicators of distracted driving, as well as some tips on how to avoid them.

1. At Night, the Glow of a Cell Phone/Looking at Lap

As previously said, if you notice someone driving with their head down and/or gazing into their lap, it is likely they are using their phone. If their face is lighted while driving at night, this is another telling symptom of cell phone use. Though computerized dashboards are becoming more widespread, the light of a cell phone and the driver’s tendency to gaze downward rather than at the road ahead of them makes it evident whether or not they are distracted.

2. Eating

One of the most common forms of distracted driving is eating while driving. We have all been on long travels or had hectic mornings when stopping for fast food or coffee seemed the most convenient option for fuel, but eating while driving is extremely dangerous. It only takes a single second for someone to cut you off, a youngster to chase a ball or any other impediment to appear and affect your life forever. It is not worth it to split your concentration between watching the road and eating.

3. Backseat Interactions

Drivers who spend more time interacting with passengers in their vehicle than looking at the road might be quite risky. If you notice the driver making erratic gestures, it is possible that they are having a disagreement with a passenger in their vehicle. They could be chastising a child or looking for something they have dropped if they keep turning around. A driver can be distracted by a variety of factors, even if only for a minute. It is important to preserve a safe distance if you see the driver’s body language is not entirely focused on the road in front of them.

Distracted Driving Comes in a Variety of Forms

Let us talk about the many types of distracted driving now that you know the indicators. While there are numerous reasons for distracted driving, they always fall into one of three categories:

• Visual distractions: Any distraction that diverts a driver’s attention away from the road. If their eyes are not focused on the road in front of them, whether they are doing makeup, checking a phone or GPS, or staring at a passenger, they are visually distracted.

• Cognitive distractions: Cognitive distractions occur when a driver’s focus is diverted from driving to anything else. Daydreaming, conversing on the phone, and other activities fall under this category.

• Manual distractions: These are diversions in which the driver physically removes their hands from the steering wheel to do another task. It includes eating, texting, fidgeting with dashboard buttons, and other activities that often go hand in hand with cognitive distractions.

If a driver swerves, brakes erratically, or otherwise drives against the flow of traffic, they may be distracted or inebriated. If the activity continues, find a safe spot to pull over to avoid a collision and contact the appropriate authorities. Half the battle is recognizing the indicators of inattentive driving. Good luck on your journey! 

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How To Drive Safe In Winter

When driving in the winter, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Winter is a fun season that brings out the child in everyone. It can, however, cause some driving difficulties — but do not worry! You can learn to drive safely in cold weather if you follow the right instructions. Here are some precautions you may take to ensure a smooth and, most importantly, safe arrival at your destination.

One should be most careful while choosing a good driving instructor. Head over to Emile Driving School, to get their best services.

Prior to embarking on your journey-

• Use a road-tracking program like Google Maps or Waze to check the route and keep an eye on local weather reports to see if there are any potential delays. Stick to major roads, as state snow removal personnel may be preparing and clearing roadways before the snow begins to fall.

• Before leaving, clear snow and ice from the entire car, including the roof, mirrors, and windows.

• Fill the windshield wiper tank with concentrated washer fluid for cold temperatures to avoid the liquid freezing on the glass. These items should be properly identified as such. Cleaning and defrosting the interior of the windshield will also assist.

• Check your wiper blades to make sure they are clean and in good working order.

• When you are ready to drive, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes with clean, dry soles to avoid slipping your feet on the pedals.

While traveling-

• When learning to drive in the winter, there is a golden guideline to observe. All of your car’s controls, including gear shifts, brakes, throttle, and steering, should be used gently and carefully.

• Keep a safe following distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you to give yourself ample time to stop and steer. When ascending hills, you should also allow adequate area in front of the automobile to maintain a consistent speed and avoid alternating gears or acceleration.

• Turn on your daytime running lights, especially if visibility is poor, so that other motorists can see you in the snow.

• When approaching a bend, begin to brake gradually before turning the steering wheel. If your car tyres start to lose traction, do not panic. Simply let go of the accelerator and make sure your wheels are pointing in the direction you wish to go.

• If you are driving behind other cars on an ungritted road, it is best to drive on fresh snow. Avoid driving on other vehicles’ wheel tracks, as the compacted snow will be icier than fresh snow.

You can not control other drivers no matter how cautious you drive, so keep vigilant and defensive!

Fishtailing is one of the most common winter driving issues.

When the back wheels of a vehicle lose traction and slide instead of grasping the road, this is known as fishtailing. If not handled appropriately, this can lead to oversteering and spinning out.

If you start fishingtailing, do the following steps to correct it:

Drive slowly into the direction of the skid, initiating the correction as soon as the skid begins to slide.

• To slow down, take your foot off the brake pedal.

Black Ice

A thin ice covering that glazes a surface is known as black ice. Although it is not literally black, it is slick and practically translucent, enabling roads’ black tops to peek through.

When driving on black ice, use these guidelines to stay safe: 

• Drive slowly and shift into low gear as needed to acquire better control.

• Pass-through regions with increased traction. Snow-covered places, sandy areas, and textured ice are examples of such areas.

• Keep a safe gap between your vehicle and other oncoming traffic.

• If at all possible, avoid stopping by not pumping your brakes.

• Never use cruise control while driving in icy weather.

Following these winter driving tips will help you, your passengers, and other drivers stay safe. Even better, stay at home if the weather is poor and avoid driving in terrible weather.

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Mistakes to avoid when going for a road test

You cannot drive on the road until you have taken a proper lesson from a good driving instructor. Driving can be hazardous if you are not paying attention to the small details while driving. Bringing very reluctant to learn the basics can prove harmful and can be the primary reason for the accident. Before you take the car on the road, you must be very sure that the driving instructor has given you the requisite knowledge and in-depth understanding of the rules that need to be followed. The driving instructor not only gives you practical training but manages to make you aware of the theory that is important in driving. If you have registered yourself in a reputable driving school, you will come across some knowledgeable driving instructors who will be able to teach you from scratch. In addition to this, they will equip you with the information that you need to follow when an emergency arises. 

So once you have practised enough, it is the right time to appear for the road test. Preparing for your driving test can be a big deal, and you will only be able to ace it if you have been trained under a knowledgeable instructor. If you have not given your best in learning the driving skills and lack confidence, you will make some mistakes. You will not be capable of driving the car if you don’t pass this basic driving test. So here are some mistakes that must be avoided when going for a road test:

Distracted driving: This is one of the common mistakes that most people commit. As the name suggests, distracted driving will not help you adopt a proactive approach. You will not be able to give your best and focus on something that is not very important at that time. You must stay away from mobile phones and other gadgets to stay focused. The attention should be on the road so that you quickly pass the road test. 

Another mistake to avoid is not keeping a consistent speed is changing the speed every minute. Being too slow and too fast can be dangerous. You must drive at a speed that can be easily controlled. You will not be able to have access to the car’s brakes if the speed is too high, while a very slow speed can also be a negative point. 

Not checking the mirrors: Mirrors happen to your best friends when driving. Your driving is entirely dependent on the mirrors of the car. They help you keep a watch and see things around you. Your mirrors will only be able to help you change the lanes frequently. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that we must give a glance at the rearview mirrors every eight to twelve seconds. 

Changing lanes at the intersection: The intersection is the point where most accidents take place. Even if you are in a rush, you should never change your route at the intersection. Even if the road is empty, the lane should be changed only after having a quick view of the surroundings. 

Incomplete documentation: Another common mistake committed by most people is that they don’t complete their documents. On the test day, you will only be allowed to appear if you have completed all the necessary paperwork. 

Some typical mistakes to avoid when choosing a driving school

It is imperative to learn to drive and be independent. Driving is regarded as the need to survive in the digital world. If you are a poor driver, you will put yourself at risk. You must learn proper driving skills and get appropriate training. This training is not possible until you enrol in a driving school. Once an expert gives you professional training, you will learn even the basics of driving. Taking driving lessons from a well-known driving school will make you a confident and independent person. You will easily be able to pass all the driving tests once you are given training regularly. 

When it comes to driving, you cannot overlook the risks and dangers it brings. Driving is very risky, and most importantly, driving on busy roads can be a big task. You will be able to develop some good driving habits once you are under strict supervision. In the driving school, your expert will even give you knowledge on operating the different parts of the vehicle. You must have an in-depth familiarity of the various parts and their placement. Also, the driving school you get yourself enrolled in will be able to bring forward the traffic laws you need to follow and how to adapt to the various defensive driving techniques. However, you need to be very prudent while choosing a driving school. There are multiple driving schools, and you have to make sure they are experienced and carry the proper knowledge. 

Not checking the experience: You can never be sure of an agency or a driving school that has recently arrived in the market. It is essential to check the background and number of years they have provided their services. If the driving school is very new, you will always doubt the driving instructors. They will not be able to give you their best because they are very new to this field. So, you must apply your knowledge and understanding and check every driving school detail. 

Not looking at the credentials: The driving school must have all the necessary certificates. It should be following all the state laws and giving you the evidence that they are operating with legal credentials. A driving school that is not licensed and certified will not be able to take up the responsibility for anything that happens in future. So one must be very proactive and never hesitate to ask about the company’s credentials. If the driving school is not approved, you put all your money in vain. 

Not checking the reviews: As multiple driving schools are ruling your locality, you have to check their work and how they are servicing their customers. A good and reputed driving school will have an official website and must have listed all the services they are providing to their customers. Once you visit the official site, you must check the reviews of the previous clients. If you overlook this step, you will be making a very big blunder. 

Going for expensive packages: We have the wrong notion that expensive packages are always the best ones. But we fail to realise that not all costly services come with a guarantee. We get ourselves enrolled in the most expensive packages and choose a driving school that seems to consider the prices. It is essential to check the fees, but being too reluctant to negotiate and make changes can be your biggest mistake. 

Why should you take driving lessons from a professional school?

According to a study, around 81.4% of the country’s population are licensed drivers. It is essential to take a driving test and get yourself a license from the government before holding the steering wheel of any vehicle. For that, one must learn advanced driving efficiently. Learning how to drive without any issue is one of the complex skills that everyone above 18 should know. It requires proper training and acquiring all the traffic and safety rules. If you want to undergo a car lesson class, it is better to enrol at a professional driving school and improve your skills. Most people prefer to learn drive from their family members or a friend. We do not doubt their skills but learning from some professionals serves many benefits that you should know. Please read till the end.

You learn every aspect of driving: Professional driving schools are designed in a way to teach every detail of driving from the start till the end. If you learn driving from any of your family members, it can be a case where they forget to teach you something, or perhaps there might be something even they do not know themselves. You can get acquainted with all the basics to the additional level of learning about driving an automobile.

You learn better: Driving schools treat their students very efficiently by emphasizing practical knowledge. They pay attention to each of their students and be responsible for their course satisfaction. 

You become a safe and responsible driver: Passing the driving test is not only sufficient, but you also have to follow all the guidelines and traffic rules. Professional schools teach you all the rules and how to obey them. It seems challenging to learn several norms and also obey them, but it will be manageable under guidance from an expert. They train you as a mentor.

If you have any, you cut down all bad driving habits: Some of you might have driven a car and got yourself in trouble, or you failed the driving test earlier and want to perform better this time. In both cases, you can improve yourself by taking the help of an expert tutor who can guide and give you all the training from the start. Your whole driving pattern can change through this, which will make you learn quickly and pass the test easily.

You will get a certificate: Even though your driving license matters the most, a driving certificate on course completion is also necessary. It works in your favour as when you take the test; you will get some recognition. So make sure to enroll under a professional driving expert who holds value. 

You will learn additional skills: Professional driving schools prepare you to how to drive and provide additional knowledge on other related topics. It trains you for the emergency cases like changing a tire, using Stepney, fixing the engine. These are the road challenges anyone can face and learn what they need to do if such a situation occurs. In fact, these schools tell you what to do in different on-road situations and practically show you with real-life examples. 

Your safety is their responsibility: Misfortunes are part of life, even if you try to avoid them. When you are learning to drive it, there is a possibility of danger and getting into an accident. It is most likely to happen when you do not take proper safety measures. With these professional driving schools, your safety can be assured as they are very particular about safety and protection. These unique cars are designed in a way that the tutor will always have control of the brakes throughout the journey so he can control the situation in emergency cases. 

Helpful Tips to Remember while Driving in Bad Weather

It is beneficial to know how to drive competently in any severe weather.

Driving on an average day is relatively easy than a bad weather day. You probably already know that slowing down and increasing concentration can make a big difference. But these extra precautions for specific kinds of weather can help you get to your destination safely.

Tips for driving in ice or snow

  • Slow down. Bridges and overpasses freeze first, so take it slow and avoid sudden changes in speed or direction. 
  • Keep windows clear. Visibility is crucial, especially in bad weather. Turn on the lights and wipers and crank up the defroster. Remove the ice off your windows before you leave to ensure proper visibility. Also, ensure that all items are removed from the back window area. If you’re still having trouble seeing, carefully pull over to a safe location well off the roadway.
  • Brake cautiously. False braking can cause lock-up and loss of steering control. If you have anti-lock brakes, apply constant, firm pressure to the pedal.
  • Resist the urge to “floor it.” If you get stuck in the snow, straighten the wheels and accelerate slowly. Avoid spinning the tires. Use sand or blocks under the drive wheels.

Tips for driving in the rain

  • Turn on wipers. Yes, it’s obvious, but remember to keep them maintained. A beam wiper blade will provide more uniform contact with the glass in the rain. Wipers should be replaced every six to twelve months for optimal performance.
  • Use headlights. Visibility decreases in rainy conditions. Headlights can help. All states have laws requiring the use of headlights in low visibility, and many states require headlights when wipers are in use.
  • Keep windows clear. The defroster or air conditioner may help keep windows and mirrors clear.
  • Be patient. Take it slower than usual. Wet pavement may cause loss of traction and lead to sliding.
  • Go around. Never cross a flooded roadway because it’s tough to tell how deep the water is. Take the time to find an alternate route. The last thing you want is to get caught in a flash flood.
  • Turn off the vehicle’s control. When roads are wet, it is best to allow the driver to control speed and react to conditions.

Tips for navigating in the fog

  • Turn on the fog lights. Headlights should be on and set to low beam in the fog.
  • Wait it out. If you’re having trouble seeing, safely pull over to the right side — well out of the traffic lane — and turn on your emergency flashers. Wait until visibility improves before continuing. You never want to get caught on a foggy day.

Tips for handling your vehicle in high winds

  • Lookout. Keep an eye out for flying debris.
  • Remain cautious. Do not drive a high-profile vehicle on a windy day.

Before You Go 

  • Plan Your Travel and Route

Before heading out, make sure to check the road conditions and traffic. Check local stations for road closures and evacuation routes, if necessary.  

  • Stock Your Vehicle 

 Put together an emergency roadside kit. Inclement weather can develop quickly, so plan and prepare in advance. A charged cell phone tops the list of suggested items since it allows you to call for help when and where you need it.

  • Inspect windshield wipers. 

Replace any that have cracked rubber. If your area gets a lot of snow and ice, invest in winter blades, which shed ice better.

  • Clean headlight covers.

 When they sit in the sun, they eventually turn yellow and cloudy, which cuts the light from your headlights.

  • Get your car winter-serviced. 

This is important if you live in a cold-weather area.

  • Go to a driving school.

Learning how to drive is not only a skill but also a huge responsibility. Consider taking admission to a highly reputed driving school before taking your vehicle down the road. Have a driving license. Be responsible on the road.

Basic Mistakes That Beginners Make While Driving

For the young generation, driving a car is not just a passion but also a necessity. For teenagers, learning car driving is a significant stepping stone towards adult life. Similar to how speaking English, using a computer, and operating ATMs have become an indispensable part of life; likewise car driving has become a necessity. For this reason, teenagers, as well as adults, learn driving to survive in today’s fast-paced life. However, learning to drive is quite challenging because it involves learning several road rules and driving dos and don’ts. Safe driving requires a lot of practice and patience. Driving students often ignore basic driving rules and that could have dangerous consequences.

The best way to learn driving is to join a reliable and certified car driving school. This will help you learn driving instructions along with safety training. The best driving schools provide learners with an experienced instructor for personal driving lessons. However, sometimes even after receiving quality training, learners make some common driving mistakes. These mistakes could lead to an accident and even result in failing your driving test if committed during your test. The common driving blunders are often the result of learners’ lack of knowledge, concentration, and practice. So, to help you stay safe on the road, here we’ve discussed the most common mistakes that beginners make and tips to avoid them.


When it comes to learning something, it’s the practice that makes you perfect. So, the most common mistake is a lack of practice that makes learners forget whatever they learned. The more you drive; the more you retain driving rules and improve skills. A most common mistake that learners make is balancing the right speed limits. It is important to follow posted speed limits. But learners often drive too fast due to overexcitement or drive too slow from a fear of making mistakes.

Ignoring Use of Mirrors

Getting behind the wheel can be exciting but make sure you stay as defensive as possible. Defensive driving means you know what is happening around you and for this you need mirrors. Mirrors are installed in vehicles for a purpose. When driving, it can be challenging to look in all directions. But with the help of rear and side mirrors, you can have a view of others around you. So, make sure you keep checking one of your mirrors around every 5-8 seconds.

No or Improper Signaling

Accidents can also happen due to improper use of indicators. New drivers often forget to turn on the indicator when making a turn or changing lanes. Signaling is crucial but turning on the indicator just a second before turning is of no use. Make sure you turn on the indicator at least 5 seconds or more before you exit the roundabout, leave a parked position or change lanes. Moreover, make sure you avoid sudden stalling in the middle of the road that could cause traffic and even accidents. It is best to learn manual driving with the assistance of a trained driving instructor to learn the right skills and build up confidence.

Three common reasons for failing a driving test and what should you do about them

Driving tests are the last hurdle for becoming an independent, legal driver. Unless you pass the test, you cannot drive around without an instructor in the car. It’s essential to learn all the rules and practice every test before going over for the final round. It’ll help you easily take over every task the examiner gives and get your license quickly. So, if you’re ready to get your license and drive independently, start preparing for the test. You should join a reputed driving school if you’re just beginning your practice. Ensure that you practice everything and learn the theoretical parts before going for the test. It’ll help you avoid any mistakes and get your license as soon as possible.

Even if you practice and learn everything, there’s some chance you may not perform well. Some people feel anxious during tests which can affect their performance. Also, if you’re not aware of all the rules and regulations, you could make mistakes without knowing them. You may fail the test if you commit such mistakes during driving. If you’ve failed the test, it’s essential to bounce back with the preparations. You need to find an expert to solidify your skills and ensure you pass it the next time. You could get feedback from your examiner and read your report to see the lacking areas. Work on improving these areas to get your license the next time. Let’s look over the common mistakes in your driving test which could’ve been the cause of you failing it:

Driving faults

Driving faults are common mistakes that a new driver is likely to make. For example, it would be counted as a driving fault if you don’t indicate early enough when approaching a junction. These mistakes usually don’t pose a dangerous threat to anyone on the road. However, if you keep committing these mistakes in your test, it would lead to a serious fault, and you may fail the test. So, it’s better to practice more and learn about these little things before going for the test. Don’t panic if you make a couple of driving faults and focus on acing the rest of the drive. It won’t ruin your chances if you keep those mistakes to a minimum and focus on the tests.

Serious faults

Serious faults would be the ones that could potentially be dangerous for the people on the road. For example, driving through a red light could be hazardous and lead to accidents while driving. You need to avoid these mistakes and follow every rule diligently while driving. It’ll help you pass your test quickly and ensure the examiner that your driving isn’t dangerous. So, you should focus and keep all the rules in your mind while taking the test. It’s better to practice a lot and drive safely every time you’re on the road. Don’t take up shortcuts that could harm you or people on the road.

Dangerous faults

Dangerous faults could be your one-way ticket to a failed driving test. A dangerous fault is when you endanger yourself, the examiner, people on the road, and the public property. Such a mistake could quickly turn into a road accident and harm several people. For example, driving on the wrong side of the road would be a dangerous fault. You need to avoid these faults at all costs when generally driving and during the test. It would lead to a failed test, and you won’t get the license. If you’ve failed the test, you should join a driving schoolnow and take up a course. It’ll help improve your skills and help you get the license as soon as possible.

How Can You Improve Your Driving Skills

Driving a vehicle on the road is a task of responsibility. One needs to take every safety measure so that they can avoid any mishappening that can occur on the road and cause damage or injury to oneself or others. If you are a fan of driving a vehicle, you need to understand that driving is an essential skill that one needs to learn in a proper manner. Some people drive cars, bikes, trucks, and vans rashly, which is the reason for most road accidents. But as a responsible citizen, another human being, you must ensure that you are a good driver by possessing find driving skills. It does not matter if you are going on a short journey or a long one; the person sitting behind the wheels is responsible not only for their safety but the others as well. If a person is not good with the steering wheel, they might cause accidents on the road. If you are fond of driving but have not yet properly gained the whole of the skill, you need to improve your driving skills by following the various ways:

Practice will make you perfect:

Whenever you have learned a new skill, it is essential that you practice it for a reasonable amount of time to improve. Driving is not less than a skill that a person needs to excel by practicing on a daily basis. You might have seen people happily traveling with a good driver and avoid sitting with a person who is not good with their skills. It is evident to give some of your time to improve your starting skills so that you can become a fine driver and even take your vehicle up to long journeys.

Follow the safety measures:

Road safety measures are meant for drivers to follow so that they can avoid any kind of mishappening on the road. Minor negligence and following the safety measures can lead to extensive damage or injury. If you need to improve your driving skills, you need to ensure following all the safety measures meant to be followed while driving on the road. These measures are meant keeping in mind the safety of the driver, the vehicle, the passenger sitting in the vehicle, the other cars, bikes, trucks, and people walking or moving on the road. Following the safety measures while on the road will ensure that nobody gets harmed, eventually making you an efficient driver.

 Enroll yourself in a driving school:

 It is better to enroll your teen in a driving school when they’re about to get their license. The trainers in the riding school are going to teach them the theory and practice that is needed for a person to develop their driving skills. Taking driving lessons from a reputable driving school will teach them all the necessary precautions to take well they’re behind the steering wheel.

 If you are not a teenager but still want to enhance your driving skills, you should also consider enrolling yourself in a driving school so you can learn everything necessary about driving on the road. Driving lessons can be learned at any age, irrespective of where you have learned to drive in the first place.

 Keep learning:

 Driving is a skill as well as a responsibility. If you have been on the road for a long, you must know that following safety measures is one way to ensure safe driving. Even if you are an exemplary driver, you should not stop learning. There might be some rules or regulations you have been neglecting for some time because you were not aware of them. But once you come across such regulations or safety measures, you should not carry on to avoid them. They are only going to add to your knowledge which will eventually enhance your driving skills.

Three Common Driving Myths

Many people assume driving to be a very tough task and they develop a notion in their minds that they can never learn driving. But that is not the case at all, one can easily master the art of driving provided one consults a renowned driving instructor who can guide him or her in the right manner. But now the question is how to find the right driving instructor for yourself?

Well, the process is very simple. All you need to do is follow the below given instructions and voila! you have the perfect driving instructor.


The very first thing that you need to do is research on your behalf. You can either begin searching online or ask for recommendations from your closed ones. When you will begin searching online, there you will find a good list of driving instructors offering their best of services. It is advised that you do not finalize the first instructor you see rather, take your time and find the most appropriate one.

You can even ask your close friends and family members in case they have dealt with any driving instructor previously and how was their experience and whether they would further refer that particular instructor to you or not.

Prepare a list of instructors:

The next thing you need to do is prepare the list of driving instructors you wish to consider and meet in person. You at least need to finalize the top five instructors you are looking forward to. Once you have your list prepared, the next step is to interview them one by one.

Interview the instructors:

The last step before hiring is interviewing the concerned driving instructors you have on your list. Basically interviewing them and meeting them in person will give you an whether this is what you are looking for or not and then you can make your decision accordingly. Do not ever finalize any instructor without interviewing them. It is always better to know the concerned instructor beforehand and see whether you are comfortable with them or not.

People usually have some kind of preconceived notions in their minds when it comes to driving. In reality these myths or notions are too far from being true.

Let’s discuss three common driving myths:

Heavy traffic can be scary:

  • Some people usually believe that driving in heavy traffic can be scary and they get terrified with the mere thought of facing extreme traffic while driving.
  • This is not the case at all, it is just a misconception that people have developed in their minds. If you are calm, confident enough and have a good hold over the driving functions then you can easily cross the heavy traffic without any pressure.

Men drivers are better than women:

  • Women are most of the time accused of being an unworthy driver or less of a driver than men. This is nothing but a huge myth.
  • Men and women can equally be great drivers. All it depends upon how well you are trained and how firm your hold over driving functions is. The skill usually develops and progresses over time. The more you practice the better you get at it. This has nothing to do with the fact that men are better drivers than women.

Premium fuel is equivalent to better performance:

  • There is no denying the fact that premium fuel is crucial for some particular kinds of high-end sports cars and luxury car models as well. But premium fuel not in any way is going hamper the performance of your engine when it comes to regular car models.
  • It is sheer wastage of money until and unless your vehicle actually requires a premium fuel.
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