4 Benefits of Defensive Driving

Just when you are enjoying the drive with the songs on while experiencing the wind entering through the side window of your car, another motorist seems to go above and beyond in the rash driving department. That is when you realize that staying safe on the road not only involves good driving practice but also watching out for people with poor driving skills. Such skills can only be learnt by joining a professional driving school.

What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving prepares you physically and mentally for the unexpected. It involves strategies that teach you to remain calm while you are driving. It teaches you to not only protect yourself but also make sure the other person is safe when anything goes wrong on the road.

In defensive driving classes, students are taught to enhance their driving skills by focusing on the risks associated with driving and anticipating any such situation by making sound decisions. But such decisions can only be implemented after knowing the status of roads and environment conditions once you have gone through defensive driving training.

What does a basic defensive driving course include?

Defensive driving training and courses can vary from state to state depending upon the laws preached by that place. However, the basics for most of the courses remains the same.

Let us discuss some of the basics that are covered during a defensive driving training-

1) Don’t Tailgate-

People drive hastily and forget to maintain a 3-sec gap between their vehicle and the vehicle ahead, which can result in collisions. If the speed is high, the crash can be fatal or cause an impact on your physical and emotional health. Besides, you may end up severely damaging the car that would cost you tons of money on the repair.

In defensive driving training, students are taught to reduce the risk of these accidents by making them practice every day so that they develop a habit. Besides, students are directed to exercise caution and develop a good sense of judgement.

2) Psychological Factors-

For some, the drive becomes automatic, and they don’t remember their journey upon reaching a destination. Moreover, some of the people are so engrossed in their thoughts that their focus on the road gets blurred. That is why defensive driving training becomes necessary so that people can scan their surroundings while driving and do not have a mind full of wavering thoughts. Teachers in the training program try their best to inculcate the art of controlling psychological factors and overcome emotional distress and road rage.

3) Safety Equipment-

Most of the people do not take safety equipment seriously while driving, and most of the automobile crashes lead to severe injuries just because the driver wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Seat belts are the standard safety equipment, and defensive driving teaches you to consider various other items like airbags, child safety seats and headrests in order to protect yourself and the fellow passengers from the unexpected.

4) Accident-Prevention Techniques-

To become a pro at driving, one must recognize the potential hazards before they arise and adjust accordingly by driving safely. That is only possible when you are taught the types of risks one can experience on the road and how to tackle them. Here are some skills that a student learns in a defensive driving training course-

  • Maintaining the focus by scanning the condition of surroundings and road.
  • Avoiding tailgate and practising 3-sec rule.
  • Adjusting speed and carefully crossing roads.
  • Making use of safety equipment.
  • Inspecting the car and its part before taking it out on the road.
  • Analyzing environmental conditions.
  • Making sure to follow the traffic laws.
  • Taking care of fellow vehicles by driving safely.

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