Tips to Save Fuel While Driving – By Driving Instructor

Whenever one plans to buy a car, fuel efficiency is the first thing that comes in mind. But are you aware that the way one drives the car matters a lot? Yes, it is true!

Driving efficiently is not only recommended for safety, but it also saves fuel benefiting your pocket and environment. If you drive daily, then even a little improvement in your driving habits can lead to efficient usage of fuel, thus making a huge difference to your wallet.

There are a few tips and tricks that can help saving fuel to a great extent. Let us study them:

1. Check the pressure of tires –

Make it a habit of checking the pressure of tires once a month. It can help in better fuel consumption. Experts say that engines have to work harder if tires have low air pressure. So always keep the tires inflated with the recommended inflation pressure. You can find it written on the owner’s manual.

2. Drive smoothly and at the right speed –

Do you know cars make efficient usage of fuel in the range of 45-80km/hr? Also, driving at 110km/hr and not at 100km/hr can lead to 15% more usage of fuel. So drive slowly and at the right speed. It will matter a lot. High speed is not good for you and not even for planet earth.

Furthermore, Jack-rabbit burns a high amount of fuel. So, suggested is to accelerate smoothly.

3. Learn to read the road –

During driving lessons, your driving instructor will also teach you how to read the road. All you have to do is to be cautious while driving so that the actions of other drivers can be predicted. Viewing a hazard from a distance will let you react quicker, and you will slow down your speed. Being attentive on the road will prevent you from applying harsh breaks.

4. Avoid idling –

Idling the vehicle for more than 10 seconds can lead to wastage of fuel. So always turn off the car when not required. It will save fuel and will also reduce the emission of air pollutants. Restarting the car consume less fuel, especially when the engine is already warm.

5. Don’t carry weight unnecessarily –

Carrying heavy items such as roof racks all the time can make engine work harder and thus a lot of fuel is burnt unnecessarily. It is estimated by experts that roof racks burn 16% more fuel and a roof box burn 39% more fuel. So, free your vehicle from the unnecessary weight and the engine will reward you with additional kilometers per liter.

6. Avoid warming up the car –

The engines of the latest cars don’t require warming up before riding. So don’t waste the fuel to warm up the engine. Engines themselves reach their optimal temperature when driving.

7. Use the air conditioner only when required –

Driving with air conditioner switched on consume approximately 10% more fuel. It is so because the engine has to work on the compressor too. So use the air conditioner only when needed.

8. Use cruise control –

Cruise control can help saving fuel when on a long journey. So use this feature on wide flat roads and keep the engine of the car at a constant level.

9. Regular and good service –

Getting your vehicle serviced on a regular basis can help to keep fuel economy at its best.

Stick to the above-given tips, and you will be saving fuel, money, and environment!

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