Road Safety Tips Every Newbie Driver Should Keep In Mind:

The moment you take off your eyes from the road is the moment an accident can happen. Driving for the first time can be an overwhelming experience for many as every bad thought crosses your mind before starting the car engine. But the key is to follow safety measures because nothing can stop you from reaching where you wish to when things are done with precaution. 

Being nervous for the first time before driving is natural, but following some road safety tips will help make your ride easy, safe, and comfortable. Getting driving classes from the driving school includes a road safety measures class.

Here are some road safety tips that every newbie driver should follow and remember every time while driving:

Wearing your seatbelt:

Our safety should be our priority. Seatbelts are meant to keep us safe if we meet with an accident. A driver should wear a seatbelt even if they are driving to the nearest shop. A short drive should be a safe drive.

Don’t look at your phone:

While driving, your attention should be on the road and not anywhere else. The notification on your phone is the primary source of attraction while driving. You can try not to pick your phone to check the message, but muting them in the first place will be a better option.

Also, make sure not to make or pick any phone call while driving as it will distract you from paying attention to the road.

Stick to the speed limit:

Driving at a speed more than the limit can lead to accidents. Not only will this help to avoid accidents but also to avoid demerit points, fines and licenses.

Keep an eye on the mirrors:

Side and rear-view mirrors give you an idea of what the vehicle is passing through and what is happening. To avoid any kind of mishappening, make sure to keep and an open eye on the road and keep viewing the mirrors that do a reasonable job to let you see the vehicles behind and sideways.

Sometimes there are some unsighted areas that could not be seen in the mirrors, so make sure to move your head and have a good look around to keep track of those blind spots.

Avoid driving in someone else’s blindspot:

We might have a hold on our steering wheel, but we should never trust someone else’s driving. We do not know what other person is thinking while driving so we should always keep a reasonable distance from them while driving on the lane. 

When we are too close to someone’s vehicle, there is a chance that the driver of the car might not see you and can take a turn or change lanes without noticing you, leading to an accident.

Don’t drink and drive:

Drinking and driving should be avoided at any cost. While driving, our aim should be to keep our eyes on the road to prevent accidents reach our destination safely. Drinking will make us lose control of the steering wheel, leading to accidents. Driving while being drunk, we are not putting our lives as well as others in danger.

You will be made familiar with the rules and safety protocols in the driving school as well.

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