Top 7 Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test

When it comes to the driving test, many fail it because of nervousness, or shortage of knowledge, or improper guidance, or lack of practice. The pass rate even lowers for those who appear in the driving test for the first time. 

However, reasons for failing the driving test are not restricted to the ones mentioned above. There are many specific mistakes that drivers make during the test. 

If you are also going to appear for your driving test, then you might be fretted of committing the blunders that can stop you from clearing the test. Experts recommend learning from the mistakes of others. So, in this article, we have listed the common reasons for which people fail their driving test. 

  1. Not having the expertise to control the vehicle – Your ability to control the vehicle matters because it is one of the things your testing official will notice carefully. Try not to drive with one hand as it can leave a negative impact on the examiner. Have a firm grip over the steering to make sure that you are in full control throughout. 
  • Not using mirrors properly – Driving test is all about checking whether you are a safe driver or not. It means you have to be attentive all the times and see what’s going on around you. And to stay alert, it is crucial to make constant use of all the three mirrors. Every time you change the direction, apply the brake, start or stop the vehicle, keep scanning the mirrors. Remember your examiner will be noticing every minute action of yours. 
  • Not driving within the speed limits – Drive too slowly or drive too fast; both will be counted as negative points. So, the secret to clear the driving test is to know the speed limit. Also, don’t drive below the speed limit as the examiner can assume that you don’t have the right knowledge about what the speed limit is. 
  • Not observing at junctions – Every year, many accidents occur just because people pass the junctions carelessly. Please don’t do it! Be attentive and cautious while making a move. Observe the road mindfully before crossing. 
  • Not coming to a complete halt – Not stopping the car completely when you should, such as at red light or stop sign can be a silly mistake. Just slowing down is not enough at such points, and the examiner can give you a negative for it. 
  • Not applying the brakes correctly – Applying the brakes carefully is an indication of a good driver. Also, when it comes to braking, different vehicles have different levels of sensitivity. To make sure that you are good at using the brake, practice driving as much as you can. 

Taking the road test preparation course can be your saviour.

  • Not responding to road signs – Ignoring the road signs is the biggest mistake you can commit during your driving test. So, never do it! Learn everything about the traffic signals and road signs before appearing in the driving test. 

Further, if you want to clear the driving test the it is highly recommended to take the professional driving tuition. It will boost your confidence.

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