Four Important Defensive Driving Tips

Roads in the USA have never been so busier the way they are today. With increasing disposable income in the country, more and more people are investing in their personal vehicles and relying less on public transportation. This automatically makes driving on congested roads a big challenge and calls for the learning of defensive driving skills, especially for first-time drivers.

Defensive driving simply means to drive in a way that you are able to defend yourself against possible collisions and prevent the chances of accidents. Equipping oneself with defensive driving skills helps in identifying potential hazards on the road and acting immediately. Such adeptness not only gets you to the destination safely but also save you hundreds of dollars on auto insurance.

When you are on the road, you can never make assumptions about other drivers’ intentions or anticipate what they might do next. So, instead of getting tensed up and waiting for an accident to happen, implement the following techniques and be ready every time to defend yourself:

  1. Keep Yourself Calm

Almost every one of us is guilty of driving wrong at one time or another because of an unstable state of mind. What we feel inside is how we react to others on the road. That is why an attitudinal change is required, particularly when driving to work. Focus on being in a perfect frame of mind before you step with your vehicle on the road and be completely relaxed when you arrive at the office.

2. Pay Attention to the Road Rules

This may sound like a no brainer but a lot of drivers actually don’t care about the road signs, the speed limit, and the traffic signals. They either end up driving rashly or go the wrong way on one-way streets. They forget that whatever they would do would affect the driver who is ahead and behind and can cause an accident really quickly. Thus, make sure you obey all the traffic rules and lights and stay within your prescribed speed limit.

3. Plan Ahead for the Unexpected

When you drive, you cannot control people’s actions but can surely make a plan to keep yourself safe and act immediately for the safety of others. When you learn defensive driving, you develop a keen eye to scan the road ahead and look beyond the foreground. This allows you to be well-prepared for what is to come and give you ample time to react.

4. Learn to Drive on Special Roads and in all Weather Conditions

Weather is a major culprit in most motor vehicle accidents in the USA. The weather conditions change pretty soon and unless you are a defensive driver, you cannot adapt to them. So, it is best to undergo an advanced driving course if you wish to drive on special highways and in bad weather conditions or during the night.

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