Avoid these mistakes if you want to pass your Driver’s Road test

Are you eager to get your hands on that new car that your parents just bought and drive it around yourself? This would be the first thought on anyone’s mind; to get into that car, drive it yourself, pick up your friends and go to your hangout spot. Well, you need to have your license first before you can even make a plan for that. To get that license, you need to pass all the driver’s tests with flying colors; without that, you cannot drive yourself and will have to settle with the backseat. You don’t want that now, do you?

Starting your driver’s ed test preparation is essential as it isn’t some easy quiz you’ll pass without even giving it a thought. Proving that you are a safe driver for you and everyone else on the road is a difficult task. Enrolling in a driving school if you don’t have any driving experience would be an excellent way to start. It will help you get headway as you’ll be under professional guidance if you want to pass your test on the first attempt. Here are some common and silly mistakes you should avoid while giving your road test:

Turning off the distractions

This may sound obvious, but many people tend to avoid turning off all the distractions. Switching off your mobile phone and other devices which might distract you with notifications should be on your checklist too.

Driving at corners, fast lanes, and roundabouts

Many young drivers get nervous and make mistakes while turning a corner or making a roundabout, or exiting a fast lane. Maintaining your calm and reducing your speed progressively should be on your mind while taking the test. If you brake sharply during the test, you are showing the inspector that you may risk causing an accident by blocking other vehicles.

Driving too fast or too slow

During your driving test, you should be aware of the speeding limits in specific areas such as schools or hospitals. Dropping your speed is essential in those cases.

Driving too slowly might reflect poorly as well; it shows the lack of confidence. Apart from that, being much lower than the speed limit can create unsafe situations for others on the road.

Adjusting the mirrors, seat, and the seat belt

Your primary tasks should be to adjust your seats, the mirrors, and the seat belt while entering your car. The examiners take notice of these small things as they represent your safety commitment. Not putting on the seat belt would be counter-effective as the examiner might point that out.

Traffic signals

Respecting the traffic signals is one of the things that you can never miss. You would already be aware of the traffic rules and specifications having given written tests but following them is something you cannot avoid. If you make mistakes like going during the red lights, the examiner will get that reason to fail you.


Every young driver is scared about the parking portion of the test. Parking in enclosed or small areas is difficult, but regular practice before the test would make it a piece of cake for you. Enrolling in a driving school could help you master this skill and pass the test easily.

As a young, eager driver, keeping these points in mind while driving would help you deliver your best. But before all of this, you need to learn how to drive a car. If you don’t have the means for that, researching different schools and the driving packages they offer would be a better option for you.

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