Things New Drivers Should Avoid: Tips By A Pro

New drivers ought to make driving mistakes out of nervousness and because of lack of practice. But, as the life of the driver and passengers is precious, driving mistakes are not acceptable. So, a new driver should take driving classes and practice regularly, to become a better driver. Drivers should head towards driving on the open road, only when they have learnt how to drive the car and are confident enough to handle the steering efficiently.

In addition to learning how to drive the vehicle, you must also know what mistakes a new driver should avoid. To help you, below we have jotted all the mistakes you need to keep away from when driving.

Not wearing the seat belt – Many drivers are seen driving unbuckled. But, whether you are an experienced driver or a new one, wearing seat is the most crucial step that you must not forget at any cost when driving. After getting into the car, the first thing you should do is fastening the seat belt. In case you have bought a new car, its siren will keep on making the noise until you wear the belt. However, if your vehicle lacks this feature, then develop the habit of wearing the seat belt and be responsible enough not to forget it.

Not adjusting the mirrors – Want to stay safe on the road? Make sure to adjust the side mirrors and rear-view mirror in the right direction so that you have the best estimate of how far other vehicles are from your car. Set your rear-view mirror in the direction from where you can comfortably see the cars coming behind. Further, side mirrors are not there to enhance the beauty of your car. But, they are there to make blind spots visible. So adjust them accordingly. 

Not cleaning the windows – New drivers are not in the habit of cleaning the windows, because of which they forget to do so. But, only clean windows can let you have a clear view of what’s happening outside and which vehicle is driving in what direction. However, if they can’t remember it, then they must make a list of to-do-things before starting the car. This way, they will not forget anything, and they will slowly develop the habit of following all the necessary steps.

Not giving the turn signal when taking turns – Vehicles from the back can collide in your car if you don’t give turn signal at the right time. And if unfortunately, the vehicle from behind is coming at a fast speed, then the accident can turn your life upside down. So, if you don’t want to fall prey to such a calamity, then make sure to give a signal before turning.

Not avoiding the distractions – New drivers, especially teenagers, do crazy things while driving. Listening too loud music, using the mobile phone and talking to other passengers in the car are the common things that drivers do while driving. But, these distractions can lead to disastrous accidents. Try keeping yourself safe by keeping all the distractions away.

Applying frequent jerky brakes – Applying brake all of a sudden is extremely dangerous. Cars coming from behind can collide into each other because of a jerky brake. So, in order to avoid jerky brakes, maintain a good distance with the vehicle ahead of you so that you have enough time to stop your vehicle by braking slowly.

Driving too fast – There is no fun of putting lives at risk by driving fast. Better is to leave home on time or a few minutes earlier so that you don’t have to drive fast to reach your destination.

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