Top Five Car Driving Tips For Beginners

While learning to drive there are many things to be taken care off. But the whole of it can be a fun experience if you consult a reputable driving school and learn from a professional driver. Many people consider learning driving from their family and friends, no doubt they will teach you in the most effective manner but they can’t give you detailed time to time information and understanding. Therefore, it is recommended to learn driving from an experienced instructor.

In addition to that you must look for a known driving school because their skilled personnel will ensure quality services and will help you master the art of driving. Whereas any random driving school won’t be able to give you that experience.

Below given are top five driving tips for beginners:

Get knowledge about the car :

  • The first and foremost step towards learning to drive is to get complete knowledge about your car. Before going inside and struggling with various functions get familiar with its working. Learn about each and every button present in the car so you are prepared for emergencies.
  • The next step involves understanding the three main elements, the accelerator, brake and clutch. Also, get familiar with the foot controls and remember them thoroughly.
  • You can even practice the foot work while the car is off and never jump directly on it without knowing about it. Understand the positioning of gears and knobs well and get yourself completely acquainted with the vehicle.

Adjust the seat positioning :

  • Most of the new car learners do not know the cars have adjustable seating arrangements also and they have to be adjusted as per one’s own comfortability.
  • It is very important that you adjust your seat in a way that you can easily access all the controls and functions of the car, especially the steering and gear level.
  • Also, make sure that you position your seat in a manner that your thigh or back area doesn’t get strained. Only if you are comfortably seated will you be able to focus on learning to drive.

Start with slow speed :

  • You should initially start with slow speed rather than directly jumping to high speed. No doubt that flooring the accelerator pedal is very addictive but you must practice control first before turning to high speed.
  • Firstly get thorough with driving at slow speed and then jump to high speed. Also, driving at high speed requires you to be totally focused and be able to make accurate decisions.
  • Driving at high speed without building that amount of focus will only lead to accidents. Therefore, start by driving at slow speed and then gradually with time and developed understanding move to high speed.

Do not drive on highways initially :

  • When you initially start driving it is recommended to stick to known familiar routes rather than driving and exploring different areas.
  • Driving on highways and other unknown areas demand better attention and understanding and as a beginner it is ideal for you to focus on driving instead of navigation.
  • Also, avoid driving at highways in the beginning because that needs a great sense of focus and control over speed. Rather drive in your own comfortable space and once you become an expert you are all set to discover undiscovered roads.

Make sure mind is in stable position :

  • Never ever drive with an unstable mind because that will impact your concentration and might lead to accidents. Therefore, whenever learning to drive, make sure you are fully focused and aware.
  • As a beginner it is very important for you to be attentive while learning to drive because that will help you learn driving properly.

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